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Our mission

I am, I think, I feel, I inspire

The MEISSIMO woman is a mature woman who is strong, composed, passionate and full of goals. Seeing charm in natural phenomena, appreciating 'little things'.

I am

A graduate of the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw. I chose Fashion Design as a professional direction when in 2014 I became a laureate of a competition organized by the ELLE Polska magazine.

I think

I think a woman should live as if everything was a miracle. Just like in a dream, but real! Enjoy every step, celebrate every day. And turn failures, failures and mistakes into successes.



I feel

I feel and know that there is no one in the world who would be exactly like me, so it's best to start with yourself. There was a breakthrough a few years ago, I started paying attention to the quality of the clothes. Ended the persistent rubbing of the skin and the unpleasant smell accompanying under the acrylic sweater or polyester T-shirt. I started eliminating polyester from my life and minimizing its consumption to a minimum.


I inspire

I am inspired by music, nature and art - this is the basis and essence of inspiration for me. They are present at every creative stage: when choosing fabrics and colors, design and form. When looking for polyester substitutes, I try to improve any project that steals your heart. Minimalism, classic and a hint of modernity are the features that reflect MEISSIMO. 

MEISSIMO does not try to follow fashion. Timelessness is more important to us. We want you to feel not only beautiful, but also that your skin feels safe. By choosing our brand, you are part of this beautiful project.
By choosing our brand, you can feel guaranteed that you have made the right choice.


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